Unknown to us, and with uncanny foresight, certain photographers produced photos of such daring which made them absolutely un-exploitable in France at the time. These images are of incredible erotic strength.

Even though we have become rather blasé to full frontal nudity in the modern press, the emotional charge is altogether different set in the sixties rather than set at the dawn of the 3rd millenium.

The little checked dress, the frilly slip, the bee-hive hairdo and the little 3 piece "Rosy Collège" set : panty, garter-belt and bra, are a true flash from the past.

And when the model, persuaded by a suave photographer, accepted on a dare or just for fun, to pose WORSE YET THAN NUDE with her legs flung over the arms of the armchair where she was to have demurely been sitting, we find ourselves in front of truly SCANDALOUS pictures.