1958 to 1963 were the golden years of the "Folies de Paris et de Hollywood".

This in spite of the fact that it did not have access to visual display in the newsstands which worked against it. It's secret was that the majority of the photos it published were taken in France with non-professional models: Miss Anybody in everyday situations, dressed or undressed.

Page after page these models showed off their wares in their everyday wear-worn finery. Garter-belts and the rest, tired and used from years of washings and stretching : the statistics prove it. The garter-belt, this ultimate weapon, had a life expectancy of 24 months and was stretched to the limit, 12 hours a day, 365 days a year !

And of course the crystal nylon stockings, preferably seamed, which they sported shamelessly - even if they were run.

We offer you photos of this happy time. And not just any photos.