Having been denied the right to visual display in the newsstands, which interdiction took place in 1955, the magazine decided to go for broke and dared to publish pictures which barely met the limits of the censure codes, limits that were quickly reached. A photographer was brought up before the court if the slightest pubic hair was visible !

The golden age of the "Folies", starting in 1957, was without a doubt when the quality of photographic printing progressed. From the limited range of sepia color in the "Paris-Hollywood" issues, the innovation of tri-chrome color photos gave the girls a "natural" aspect, though they often looked a little bit as if they'd been dipped in a mercurochrome bath.

And whenever the special black and white issues came out with their clear precise photos, the newsstands were taken by storm.

During this key period of the late fifties and early sixties, a number of strip joints hired flighty co-eds who would often finish off their acts with a few photo-sessions.